about    Sylvia Love

Having her original tracks included on the
Disco Discharge compilations (very much acclaimed !) as well as a plethora of bootlegs & unauthorized remixes, has boosted the profile of the cult singer who had worldwide club hits in the late 70’s early 80’s on RCA Records with ‘Instant Love’, ‘Instant Dub’, ‘Extraterrestrial Lover’ and
Extraterrestrial Lover (Instrumental Mix).

Since then Sylvia has added a new generation of fans & DJ’s who appreciate that she was ahead of her time !.

2008 saw a new record Cosmic Carousel (and a remix) on her own label Sylvia Love Records.

This came after a lengthy break when she went travelling & also raised a family.

Now there is Ultralife
a Hi-NRG gem that has mainstream hit potential…
(a 2012 Ultralife Club-Mix is also available !)

A club mix & single version of Ultralife are available on iTunes and on Amazon.

It was written by her original songwriters Mike Brayn & Steve Coe & produced by Craig Pruess who arranged & played synths on her original records, which were brilliantly produced by Trevor Vallis.
Steve went on to have a massive No.1 dance hit with Jakatta’s version of Ever So Lonely on Ministry of Sound, Mike has many songs out there worldwide & Craig has a phenomenal track record in all aspects of the music business including composing for many major films such as Bend It Like Beckham.

The latest Chance & Coincidence (written by Mike Brayn & Steve Coe, produced by Alan Gregson) is available on
I-Tunes !.

REVIEWS : SYLVIA LOVE - Disco Discharge compilationsInstant Love

Ø “…tracks that could conceivably have been
released last week:the odd conjunction of sweet pop tune
and disorientating electronics on Sylvia Love’s Instant Dub…people were bound to be endlessly inspired by disco, because the best of it pulled off the greatest trick of all: somehow managing to be both perfect, gleaming pop songs and
endlessly adventurous experiments at the same time”.
(Alexis Petridis / Guardian).

Ø “Disco’s influence on the meteoric rise in popularity of dance music cannot be overstated…disco is dance music’s Genesis…tunes like the inimitable Sylvia Love’s Instant Dub showcase
this airy ethereal sound brilliantly”. (Notion Magazine).

Ø “There is also all the stuff that not only hasn’t dated, but
could be released tomorrow and still sounds ahead of its game. In the current pop climate of La Roux, Lady Gaga and Calvin Harris, a lot of it makes a whole new kind of sense. There is a great passage on the first Euro CD – four tracks in a row
(Space, Moroder, Sylvia Love, Sparks) that glisten with inventiveness, synthesizer outreach”. (Ian Penman / Wire).

Ø “So, it’s quite a surprising education to revisit this genre and be astounded at how cutting edge, futuristic and 21st century those tunes have turned out to be”. (Stewart Who / The Hospital Club).

Ø “It also has to be said, that any compilation that takes the care to track down the masters for both of Sylvia Love's classics - "Instant Love" and "Extraterrestrial Lover" (also exclusive to this series) is definitely in my good books”. (discodelivery.com).


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